Genetic Genealogy

Though we love all forms of genealogical research, genetic genealogy has become our specialty and focus. We have helped numerous clients find and even reunite with their birth families.

Traditional Genealogy

Our traditional genealogy services include researching your family history, preparing pedigree (family tree) charts, and providing our findings to you in a professional, organized manner.

Genealogical Consultation

Unsure of how to begin your own family research? Adoptee looking to begin the process of finding your birth family? Contact us today for more information on how we can help!


Genetic Genealogy Services

Genetic genealogy is our specialty and involves the use of DNA testing, in combination with traditional genealogical research methods, to infer relationships between individuals. DNA testing results help to determine the level and type of genetic relationship between individuals. It has been successful in reuniting adoptees with birth families, solving cold cases, identifying unknown bodies and more.

Traditional Genealogy

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